The Top Eight Ways to Fail When Deploying a New Engagement Program

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As I work with companies to engage their employees, I am constantly amazed how much implementation matters when it comes to putting in a new engagement program.   Take a close look at this list to see what you might be doing wrong.  If you see something that describes your process, it’s time to change!

1. Decide not to do an assessment, build a plan, set goals, or establish benchmarks.

2. Task a small group of committed, passionate people with designing and implementing a change initiative—and expect them to succeed without a clear mandate, significant resources, intelligent guidance, or visible support from above.

3. Start implementation without the support of key people.

4. Refuse to assign supervisors specific responsibilities; fail to reward those who follow through.

5. Keep quiet about the initiative, allowing it to be perceived as low-priority or to be ignored altogether.

6. Let negative talk or obstructive behaviors pass without comment or notice.

7. Assume that efforts that are well received in one part of the organization (a mentorship program, employee resource group, or set of educational workshops) will translate seamlessly to other parts of the organization.

8. Do the same things again and again, although they haven’t resulted in the hoped-for outcomes.

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