The ten most frequently mentioned issues that employees say companies do poorly

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The 10 mentioned issues are:

1. Poor management—uncaring and unprofessional managers; overworking staff; no respect, not listening, putting people in wrong jobs; speed over quality; poor manager selection processes.

2. Lack of career growth and advancement opportunities: no perceivable career paths; not posting job openings or filling from within; favoritism or unfair promotions.

3. Poor communication: problems communicating top-down and between departments; after mergers; between facilities.

4. Pay: paid under-market or less than contributions warrant; pay inequities; slow raises; favoritism for bonuses/raises; ineffective appraisals.

5. Lack of recognition: that says it all.

6. Poor senior leadership: not listening, asking, or investing in employees; unresponsiveness and isolation; mixed messages.

7. Lack of training: nonexistent or superficial training; nothing for new hires, managers, or to move up.

8. Excessive workload: doing more with less; sacrificing quality and customer service for numbers.

9. Lack of tools and resources: insufficient, malfunctioning, outdated, equipment/supplies; overwork without relief.

10. Lack of teamwork—poor coworker cooperation/commitment; lack of interdepartmental coordination.

The result is an increasing number of employees are disengaged from their jobs.

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