Speed Up New Hires to Productivity

Two-thirds of organizations say that speed-up of new hires productivity takes seven to nine months at the very least, and a full third of those reports it takes more than a year.

The same study reveals that “Harnessing process, technology and knowledge in a coordinated fashion can increase return on investment in new people,” so it is possible to shorten the time it takes to speed up new sales hires to productivity.

The risks of not having strong new hire training are twofold:  First, you risk an increase in failure rates.  Second, you risk customer relationships. A new rep’s enthusiasm and confidence can lag when he is floundering, and this increases the likelihood that the new rep will never make it to full productivity.

How soon are your newly hired reps ready for face time with your customers?  Are you sure?  Do they know the sales process well enough to move the sale along?  Consider the impressions your new hires make on prospects or clients.  When sales reps are confident in their knowledge and skills, they transfer that confidence to their clients. When sales reps are unsure of themselves, clients are unsure too.

The resources you invest in your new hires are at risk if you utilize an on-boarding program that doesn’t include sales methodology training in addition to product and solution training.  Monetarily, you’re investing recruitment costs; on-boarding costs that may include administration, travel or tech licenses; and the base salary that supports them in their probationary period.  But what else is at stake?

Let’s face it, new hires are high maintenance.  Compared to experienced sales reps, they require more time and attention from their sales manager, product managers and perhaps a mentor.

The good new is that it is possible to shorten the time it takes to speed up new sales hires.  Giving them support and well-designed training early on can ensure that you see Return On Investment sooner.  Leading sales operations experts suggest that several factors impact success:

A range of learning approaches that incorporates multiple learning methods and technologies

Curriculum that combines sales methodology with your product and solution training

Measuring against and linking results to the bottom line.

Our Training Sales Solutions can create a speed-up solution that meets your needs.  We offer you the learning technology, sales curriculum and performance metrics to achieve a better – earlier – return on your investment in your new hires.

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