Finding The Right Program

The comprehensive selling set of courses that we offer addresses everything a professional needs to succeed. It spans 50 modules and 184 lessons across 5 programs and includes training on:

Understanding how executives make buying decisions

Understanding budgets and the procurement process

Planning and executing executive calls

Finding new executive-level prospects

Uncovering and escalating needs

Creating compelling solutions with clients

Pricing and negotiation strategies for large solutions

Winning high-value and complex deals

Securing renewals, cross-selling and up-selling

Protecting and growing key accounts; and

Building long-term profitable relationships


The core program, Pro-Selling addresses the essentials of solution-led, consultative selling from attitude to strategy to behavior.  Pro-Selling which is the foundation of our goal setting and action planning system, covers the following key understandings:

Being an Entrepreneurial Professional

Understanding Your Client

Understanding Your Solutions

Prospecting Proactively

Managing the Buying and Selling Processes

Managing the Relationship

Pursuing Sales Excellence

Executive Call Planning

A deeper dive into buyer and seller behavior and advancing the sale.

Understanding Buyer Behavior

Essential Psychology for Selling Professionals

Consultative Selling Behaviors for Executive-level Solution Selling

Understanding HR VPs and Senior HR Executives

Budgets, Procurement Professionals and Buyer Behavior

Pre-call Planning for Complex Solution-led Sales

Building Rapport and Opening Executive Sales Calls

Fact-Finding Strategies and Tactics for Solution-led Selling

Executing the Consultative-selling Process to Advance a Complex Sale

Executive Level Prospecting

An intense look at the strategies and tactics required to identify and gain access to executives in your prospect organizations. A must for those who aspire to selling into the executive level professionals.

Targeting Strategies and Tactics for Executive-level Prospecting

High-impact Value Propositions for Executive-level Prospecting

Achieving Goals through Selling Time and Activity Optimization

Personal Marketing and Lead Generation for Professionals

Gaining Access and Engaging Executive-level Prospects

Qualifying Leads and Opportunities

Complex Sales

Is your sales cycle longer and more complicated because of the nature of your clients or your solutions?  Do you frequently deal with multiple stakeholders and decision makers?  This program teaches strategies and tactics required for pursuing and closing more complex sales.

Developing and Executing Deal Strategy for Complex Solution-led Sales

Presenting Solutions: Written Proposals

Presenting Solutions: Live Presentations

Pricing Strategies and Tactics for Complex Solution-led Sales

Handling Objections and Mitigating Risk

Negotiating and Closing Complex Sales

Account Management

Most everyone knows the panic that follows the loss of a major client.  There is an art to protecting and growing your key accounts.  Don’t leave them at risk.  Learn how to get deeper and wider in your strategic account.

Delivering Solutions for an Outstanding Client Experience

Building Reputation and Relationships in Key Accounts

Securing Renewal Business, Cross-selling and Up-selling in Key Accounts

Developing Comprehensive Key Account Strategy

Executing Key Account Strategy

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