A Guide To Job Interviews

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Once you have sent your cover letter and application form, the next step in securing your job is the interview.

The first step was sending your application and after careful review by the company, you are seen as candidate for the vacant position.The employer got this information through an ad that was placed in the paper, referred by someone in the company or a headhunter, or by a person who simply submitted an application via the company’s website.

Your cover letter is your first introduction to your potential new employer, you must ensure it is written well, with good spelling and grammar.

The interview is where the employer can see the person behind the resume and get a feel for their personality and achievements.You will need to discuss your previous career achievements and any skills you have learned whilst working for other organizations. An interviewer may be interested in learning about how you dealt with certain work situations and how you learned to overcome any problems.

Another question will be the relationship between the applicant and family members. This shows character with how the person interacts with people who are close and those that know the person for a long time.

A common question is “why do you want to work here?” Be ready to answer this and state your ambitions for the future with the company.

Questions about your future goals and ambitions allow an interviewer to determine if you are someone who really wants to work, or just along for the ride.

Most interviewers ask for your salary expectations so they can see if you fit in with their budget.If what is being asked is too high, the employer will usually ask if the salary is open to negotiation.

When the interviewer has finished with their questions try asking some of your own.

If you ask questions you will have a clearer picture of the job on offer and what the role involves.

You may be invited back for a second interview before being told if you have been hired.

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