Global Solutions

Canada Human Resources Centre together with strategic business partners has been able to offer background screening, employee assessments and talent management solutions to Canadian companies worldwide.

Imagine being able to hire employee in Mexico, China, India or establish agents in Dubai, Italy, Russia using Canadian high standards of integrity, loyally and job fit combined with cultural ethnicity of the region to select right candidate.

Taking advantage of web-based tools for assessments and talent management services, Canada Human Resources Centre streamlines the hiring process for employers and helps clients mitigate employment risks and make intelligent hiring decisions across the globe.

Canada Human Resources Centre’s international network of strategic business partners also provides a level of local expertise unmatched in the screening and talent acquisition services industry.

So what can we actually do for you?

Canada Human Resources Centre’s services can be tailored to meet in-country specifications, enabling HR managers to implement efficient and effective screening and assessment solution for international hires, contractors and business partners across the globe.

International organizations and companies need no longer contract with separate service providers for a comprehensive screening and assessment program.

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