Communicate Effectively with Your Employees

Learning to communicate with your employees will help you increasing morale and productivity.

Did you know that one of the most common sources of low productivity and poor work ethic is the relationship between a manager and an employee?

A manager can significantly impact workforce development and employee performance. Whether the impact is positive or negative is often the direct result of communication management and their understanding of each other’s work habits and style.

Managers who are “out of touch” with their employees often cause low productivity, dwindling morale and high employee turnover.  On the other hand, employees who feel a connection to their manager are often highly productive and engaged in their work.  Having a greater understanding of the dynamics of their work relationship will help both parties appreciate where their perspectives are similar and where they differ. This mutual understanding will result in a more productive and positive working relationship.

Communication between a manager and employee is critical to drive performance.  The faster a manager can understand an employee, the more effective they can be in managing and coaching.

Communication management tools that are provided by Canada Human Resources Centre offer insight for managers to quickly understand the strengths and core characteristics of their employees.  Our solution arms managers with a custom “user guide” for every employee, providing knowledge about how they fit with their job and how managers can effectively work with employees and create positive team dynamics.  This information results in concrete suggestions on how to manage employees to achieve the best performance.

Managers have a dynamic workforce.  New employees are frequently added to the team, some are even distributed in other locations.  Today, many organizations use communication management tools to help them develop a highly productive, fully engaged workforce regardless of their location or their tenure with the company.  By measuring employees’ attitudes, motivations and outlook on their employers, current managers and job functions, organizations can gain a vital perspective on the current reality in their company and pinpoint areas of concern affecting the total workplace experience. Communication management tools give insight into your employees’ opinions about human resource issues, the role work plays in their lives, what their job-related needs and preferences are and what motivates them in the workplace.

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