Solutions Overview

Guarantee Your Candidates Have the Right Skills to Succeed.

Whether you are screening one job candidate or thousands, whether you are assessing potential or existing employees, students or trainees, our vast catalog of customizable assessments and job skills are available to help you meet your goals.

Canada Human Resources Centre delivers product line that provides comprehensive, customizable assessments for a wide range of behavioral traits and cognitive abilities including customer service attributes, sales attributes, risk factors, and cognitive abilities in math, language, logical thinking, and more.

Wide range of Skills Testing products offered by Canada Human Resources Centre product line provides innovative, reliable, valid assessments on a complete range of employment skills including computer literacy and software skills, clerical and administrative skills, professional knowledge and skills in areas such as accounting, law and medicine, IT and more.

Our Employee Assessment Division has provided off-the-shelf and customized assessment products and services for some of the Canada largest staffing companies, payroll companies and HR organizations. Find out what we can do to help you take the risk and guesswork out of your next important employment decision.

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