Case Study – Hospital


Business Type: Hospital

Number of locations: 1

Number of Employees: 370

Number of People assessed: 25

Number of Employees in Department: 275

Number of Top Performers: 17

Number of Bottom Performers: 8

Process Used: Total Person Assessment

-Overall turnover greater than 40%

-Turnover for Mental Health Workers was 59% and 68.7% year later

-Involuntary terminations were highest single reason for turnover

Course of Action
-Every applicant who met minimum job qualifications took the Total Person Assessment

-After six months, the Performance Profile was readjusted based on top performers

-This process has reduced the length of weekly hiring boards to less than half a day from all day.  Now interviewing 8-10 candidates weekly versus 15 to 20 before the application of Total Person Assessment

-There has been a 52% reduction in MHW turnover.  Turnover of workers before the study was 47.6% Turnover of workers after the study was 22.9%

-Another indicator of the positive effect of the Total Person Assessment is a 70% improvement in the number of involuntary terminations of workers during probation. During the first nine months 91 workers were hired.  Nine of these (approximately 10%) had to be involuntarily terminated during probation.  During the same period, 159 were hired were hired, and 56 (approximately 35%) were involuntarily terminated.

-Four RN’s are used for each hiring board.  Since beginning the use of Total Person Assessment results in the screening process, the length of weekly hiring boards has been reduced by up to four hours per week, saving the time of the Nurse Managers.  This represents an additional salary savings of $10K to $20K annually

-With a 52% reduction in turnover (131 down to 63), some 68 employees will NOT have to be replaced.  This means that 68 new employees will NOT have to be recruited, interviewed, trained, etc.  This represents a very large savings in actual cash outlay (in excess of $300 000.00) as well as staff time.  Also, our clients (patients/residents) will have to deal with 68 fewer instances of saying goodbye to a helper and adjusting to a new individual.

-Savings in time spent training new employees in pre-service training and on units.

-Increase in quality of care on the units because of reduced turnover and a better trained staff.

-Reduction of vacancy rate on units and corresponding lower expenditures for overtime and/or agency nursing series personnel

-Currently, Total Person Assessment is being used in the latter part of the screening process.  Recommend moving the TPA to an earlier point in the screening process, prior to interviewing the candidate.

-Utilize the Coaching report once a candidate has been hired.

-Introduce Canada Human Resources Centre to other departments and facilities for a potentially similar impact.