Employment Assessments


Employment Assessments help business owners and human resources managers in selection and promotion of the very best people.                   

Job Lie Detector Test $35

In recent years, honesty and integrity testing in the place of work has become more and more common.

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Office Administrator Test $75
Office Administrator Test will accurately help you assess the fit between job requirements and candidate’s abilities, necessary skill and personality traits that are vital for this position.
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Sales Personality Test $75 
The goal of the Sales Personality Test is to determine whether the test-taker has the natural instincts, traits and skills needed to succeed and survive in your sales organization and in the world of sales.
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Customer Service Personality Test $75
The Customer Service Personality Test will accurately determine whether a job-seeker has the necessary skills and personality traits that are required for customer service career in your organization.

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Care Provider Job Fit Personality Test $35 (short version), $75 (full version)
A career as a caregiver/ babysitter is not for everyone. It requires excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to work well in sometimes stressful and physically demanding environment.
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Employees Engagement Survey

Measure employee engagement level, job satisfaction and their total workplace experiences.  Solves these challenges: Provides insight into your employees’ opinions about human resource issues, the role work plays in their lives, what their needs and preferences are on-the-job and what motivates them at work.

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Management Feedback System 360

Compare opinions of other with your own perception

Areas Measured: Communication, Leadership, Adaptability, Relationships, Task management, Production, Development of others, Personal development, Listening to others, Processing information, Communicating effectively, Instilling trust, Building personal relationships, Delegating responsibility, Adjusting to circumstances, Thinking creatively, Providing direction, Facilitating team success, Working efficiently, Working competently, Taking action, Achieving results, Cultivating individual talents, Motivating successfully, Displaying commitment, and Seeking improvement.


Total Person Assessment (TPA) and TPA-SALES

Measure thinking and reasoning style, behavioral traits, and occupational interests

Areas Measured: Learning index, Verbal skill, Verbal reasoning, Numerical ability, Numeric reasoning, Energy level, Assertiveness, Sociability, Manageability, Attitude, Decisiveness, Accommodating, Independence, Objective Judgment, Enterprising, Financial, People service, Creative, Technical, Mechanical.