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The solutions for to help you streamline and simplify your information management systems are just a phone call away. We’ll help you discover simple methods to organize and streamline your environment so you reduce your stress and increase your peace of mind.


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We provide services and training for the following:

Paper Management Solutions
We provide the #1 Secret to conquering your paper chaos. Find any file, binder, storage box and other information in your office, storage room or home in five seconds or less! This solution alone increases productivity by 25-35% and you’ll stop wasting time looking for information.

Streamlining your Paper Management Systems will eliminate duplication and reduce the amount of time spent looking for files and information. Our filing systems help individuals, departments and entire companies easily share files.

Time Management Solutions
Make the most of your precious time. Learn how you can gain one hour a day, reduce stress and eliminate your time-wasters. Streamline your To Do lists, project tasks and eliminate all those scraps of paper. We will also help you effectively use your calendar and To Do list with your mobile device. You’ll feel satisfied with your daily accomplishments and have more free time for what matters most to you.

Email Management Solutions
“What do I focus on?”
“Where’s my emails for that project?”
“What’s the next action?”

Learn to make the most of this convenient and helpful communication tool. Organize and streamline your email for easy use and access. You’ll eliminate your time-wasters and increase your productivity with our customized email management systems.

What is your policy and best practices for handling, sending, storing, retrieving and responding to email? We’ll help you create and implement effective email management systems.

Electronic File Management Solutions
“Where did I file it?”
“Which file is the latest version?”
“What did I name the file?”

We help our clients streamline and organize their computer files so they can find them again. Working together we develop a file structure for that works for you and for easy retrieval of documents. We also develop beat practices for file naming and version control. The result is easy access with less stress.

Benefits of Services

You will learn to :

-Streamline information management systems

-Eliminate duplication of information

-Reduce time spent looking for paper and electronic files

-Establish best practices for managing information

-Increase ability to find and share files

-Reduce disruption from staff turnover

-Clarify priorities and stay focused

-Gain an hour a day to spend on critical high-level tasks

-Reduce interruptions and stretch time by planning


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