Image Consulting


Perception is everything

Image isn’t just about choosing the right clothes, it’s also about developing impeccable manners and it’s about nurturing the right attitude and mindset. How people appear speaks volumes about how they think and how they represent their company.

In today’s fast paced world, there is no second chance to make the right first impression. And even though you may prefer your company to be judged by its products and services, the reality is that initially it will be judged by the image of its representatives. If the impression is consistent with the corporate image, potential clients are more likely to trust your representative and the business. Once trust is established, it’s easier to build rapport and strong business relationships.

We can help business professionals enhance their image through business dress in both formal and business casual environments and through business, office and dining etiquette. With some education and a little tweaking in one or more of the areas, your staff members will learn how to use their personal image as a corporate asset!

Benefits for the Corporation

-A strong corporate image & identity

-Potential clients are much more likely to believe in your product or service

-Consistency between employees personal image and the corporate image builds trust

-Personnel with enhanced skills to effectively represent the corporation

Professional Dress Policy

How your staff members dress in formal environments and business casual dress environments impacts your corporate image, as well as how prospective clients see you. We can design a Professional Dress Policy program for your company’s industry, market and unique image needs.

Customized Workshops & Seminars

Dressing to Win in the Corporate Arena

-How to use your personal image as a corporate asset

-How to dress smart, to ensure confidence throughout the day

-Explore options for business casual dress

-What to wear to look more authoritative, credible, reliable or relaxed

-How to use color to your advantage

-What not to wear to avoid costly personal image faux pas

Making Your Mark – How to Avoid Image Blunders that Sabotage Your Credibility

-How to network like a pro

-The art of introductions to maximize your sphere of influence

-Greetings and handshakes to impress in every situation

-How to win the respect of clients and colleagues at the office

-Techno, phone and email etiquette in the office and on the road

Dining With Ease – How to Impress Your Clients Every Time

-How to instantly impress your guests as a gracious host

-Easy tricks to successfully navigate a crowded table

-What not to do at the dining table

-Compare western dining styles for extra flair

-Be poised to handle dining disasters with grace


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