Sales Personality Test


Few people have the natural ability for being successful in a sales career.

The best salespeople are extremely well off, and most claim to love the ups and downs of their jobs.

Most successful salespeople share a set of common characteristics and skills, and most of these can actually be learned and honed to perfection.

The goal of the Sales Personality Test is to determine whether the test-taker has the natural instincts, traits and skills needed to succeed and survive in your sales organization and in the world of sales.

As evidenced by the high turnover rate in this field, this isn’t a job for everyone.

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In order to be a successful salesperson, one needs to possess a number of aptitudes and personality traits which include, among other things, the ability to think “on-your-toes” and to trust your intuition, self-confidence, a strong desire to succeed, a strong interest in other people and their lives, positive thinking, competitiveness, and an ability to thrive under pressure. It is also crucial to have a good grasp of the step-by-step process of making a sale.



Areas that are being tested and assessed:


Communication Skills


Listening Skills


Networking Skills

Comfort with Public Speaking

Research Skills

Success Orientation

Problem-Solving Skills





Mental Toughness

Comfort with Rejection

Emotional Control


Comfort with Risk-Taking

Comfort with Decision-Making

Organizational Skills

Time Management Skills

Memory Skills