Office Administrator Test


Clerical workers are employed in almost every kind of business and in all levels of government.

Most admin/clerical workers perform tasks such as planning, scheduling meetings and appointments. They also organize and maintain files and sometime serve as an executive’s assistant who is ready to add input and their services wherever necessary.

Office administrators can also act as liaisons between executives and clients; therefore, it is vital that these workers possess excellent communication skills as well as a pleasant and approachable personality.

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A career in the clerical field is not for everyone.

The following is a short of the areas being tested and the impact they have on the admin/clerical line of work.


Areas that are being tested and assessed:



Refers to being thorough, careful, and keeping one’s word. These are highly desirable skills for clerical workers, who work in a field where a missed detail could cost the company a lot of money.


Office workers are expected to be very hardworking individuals since, for the most part, they are largely responsible for the daily operations of the business.


Employers rely on clerical workers a great deal to keep their business running smoothly and effectively. Therefore, it is essential that workers be reliable as well as keep their word.

Attention to Detail

Meticulousness refers to attention to detail. In clerical work, even the smallest of details canbe very significant.


Efficiency is the ability to use the time and skill available in an appropriate and practical manner.


Administrative and clerical workers must be very self-disciplined since they do not usually work under much supervision.

Time Management

Office admin workers must be able to manage their time wisely and effectively. These employees are responsible for many tasks and duties which they must be able to prioritize and complete in a time efficient manner.


Administrative and clerical workers must be able to keep their focus on what needs to be done.


People who do clerical and administrative work must be open to the possibility of retraining and continuing education in order to keep-up-to-date with the latest computer software and office automation.

Tolerance for Routine Work

Since many clerical tasks are repetitive, the ability to tolerate routine is essential. These individuals must adhere to certain procedures, as many duties in this field have to be done “by the book”.

Communication Skills

Many office clerks are responsible for answering telephones and greeting customers so it is important to possess excellent communication skills. These skills consist of delivering concise messages to others and, equally important, being able to take the important points from what others say.

Conflict Resolution Skills

Office Admin employees usually act as liaisons between executives and clients therefore, if conflict arises, these individuals must possess the skills necessary to resolve the issue in the most effective manner possible.

Willingness to Compromise

Admin/office workers must be willing to compromise when a difference in opinion arises, especially when dealing with clients.

Desire for Control

Since office personnel work under authority, it is necessary for them to follow direction and instructions willingly and enthusiastically.

Reaction to Criticism

Clerical workers must be willing to accept and learn from constructive criticism. Since they will be working with a variety of people, they will often be exposed to both constructive and destructive criticism.



Short-term Memory


Data Entry

Chart/Graph Reading

Reading Comprehension