Microsoft Office Skills Testing


Microsoft Office 2003, 2007 or 2010 Tests


Access – Standard

Topics Include: Importing Data, Properties, Queries, Reports, Lookup Fields, Filters, Tables, etc

Untimed (approx 25 minutes) – 35 Questions


Access – Basic

Topics Include: Open Database, Importing Data, Save Filter as a Query, Edit Data, Hide Columns, etc.

Untimed (approx 25 minutes) – 37 Questions


Access – Advanced

Topics Include: Forms Options, Encoding Database, Aligning Form Elements, Creating Crosstab Query, Expression Editor, etc.

Untimed (approx 30 minutes) – 33 Questions


Excel – Standard

Topics Include: Insert Row, Sum Formulas, Sorting Data, Charts, Drawing, Macros, etc

Untimed (approx 25 minutes) – 35 Questions


Excel – Basic

Topics Include: Copy Cells, Insert Row, Align Cells, Autofit Columns, Save Workbook, etc.

Untimed (approx. 25 minutes) – 32 Questions


Excel – Advanced

Topics Include: Macros, PivotTable, Sorting, Charts, Conditional Formatting, Range Names, etc,

Untimed (approx. 30 minutes) – 34 Questions


Excel – Standard (TT)    

Topics covering beginner, intermediate and advanced functions of Excel 

Questions include formulas, pivot tables, hlookup, formatting and more.

Untimed (approx. 30 minutes) – 35 questions


Excel – Functions

Topics Include: Database Dcount, Financial Functions, HLookup, Math & Trig, Statistical, etc.

Untimed (approx. 30-40 minutes) – 30 Questions


Outlook – Standard

Topics Include:  Calendars, Creating Meetings, Forwarding Mail, Contacts, Sending, Rules, etc

Untimed (approx. 15 minutes) – 20 Questions


PowerPoint – Standard

Topics Include: New Presentations, Pack & Go, Sorting, Timing, Graphics, Bullets, etc.

Untimed (approx. 25 minutes) – 35 Questions


PowerPoint – Basic

Topics Include: Cutting Objects, Save, Slide Orientation, Timed Slide Show, Justify Text, etc.

Untimed (approx. 25 minutes) – 29 Questions


PowerPoint – Advanced

Topics Include: Macros, Updating Links, Animation, Numbering, Slide Show, Auto Shapes, Scale Graphics, etc.

Untimed (approx 25 minutes) – 33 Questions


Windows – Standard

Topics Include: Creating Folders, Open Programs, Shut Down, Minimize Windows, Find, etc

Untimed (approx 25 minutes) – 35 Questions


Windows – Basic

Topics Include: Activate Window, Toggle, Maximize & Minimize Windows, Starting Applications, Display Folders, Using Help, etc.

Untimed (approx 25 minutes) – 33 Questions


Windows – Advanced

Topics Include: Modify Start Menu, Add New Hardware, Copy Disk, Port Settings, etc

Untimed (approx 10 minutes) – 12 Questions


Word – Standard

Topics Include: Copy, Paste, Spell Check, Margins, Save, Fonts, Bullets, Borders, Tables, Mail Merge, etc

Untimed – 35 questions


Word – Basic

Topics Include: Copy & Paste, Line Spacing, Margins, Redo, Bold, Fonts, Saving Documents, etc.

Untimed (approx 25 minutes) – 30 Questions


Word – Advanced

Topics Include: Macros, Field Codes, AutoText, Bookmarks, Tables, Mail Merge, Footnotes, etc.

Untimed (approx 25-30 minutes) – 37 Questions


Basic Computer Literacy   

Topics include Basic skills of using a mouse, minimize, maximize, menus and navigation on a computer.