Frequently Asked Questions

What does Canada Human Resources Centre do?

Canada Human Resources Centre is Canadian human resources consulting and assessment firm with strategic business partners across the globe.Our approach begins with our purpose, precise personality assessment instruments, which provide data for measuring personality characteristics, individual motivations, likely behaviors and potential for success in a specific job. Our specialists use this information to provide customized solutions that continue to lead organizations to a higher level of performance.


What kind of employee assessment do you provide?

Canada Human Resources Centre provides comprehensive, non-discriminatory personality assessment instruments, which measures an individual’s characteristics, potential and motivation. The insights gleaned from this assessment enable our clients to predict an applicant’s potential to succeed in a specific job. Our specialists can help you developing individualized coaching plans for improving performance, teach you how to build more effective teams and assess your talent pool to ensure employees are as productive as possible.

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How can Canada Human Resources Centre help me hire top performers for my company?

When it comes to hiring employees, we can help you with everything from evaluating your most promising applicants to redesigning your current hiring process.We start out by getting to know you and your firm, including your particular management approach, the requirements of your key positions and the qualities needed for success in your environment. Our specialists will provide you with a clear, objective perspective on an applicant’s strengths, possible limitations and, ultimately, potential for success with your company. The effectiveness of our advice stems from the validity and accuracy of the instrument, our unequaled database of information about top performers and the expertise of our experts.


Can the Total Person Assessment be used with existing employees?

Absolutely. Gaining more insight into your staff members can help you to identify untapped potential as well as develop individualized coaching plans around any areas of concern. The more you know about each employee’s strengths, motivations and areas for improvement, the more effective you will be as a coach, and the more productive you can help your employees become. You can even compare your own Assessment results with those of your employees to optimize the way you manage each person. And, when you look at the entire group as a whole, you’ll be able to determine how to build and develop top-performing teams.


How will Canada Human Resources Centre help me develop my employees?

Our approach clarifies what drives you and each of your employees. By integrating the measurement of potential and current behavior, we can help you create customized, in-depth developmental plan for each of your employees. We can help you set clear expectations, while drawing upon your employees’ motivations. You will learn how to ensure employees feel valued and keep your best performers growing with your company.


What if I have an employee who’s struggling?

We can work together to determine if the employee’s troubles stem from a need for coaching, a different management style or perhaps from being in the wrong job to begin with. When we determine the cause, we can provide you with a variety of solutions and help you choose the best option.



How do I determine which applicants should take the Assessment?

Once you have conducted your first round of interviews and narrowed the field down to a few promising candidates, we recommend you administer the Total Person Assessment. The feedback you receive will help to confirm impressions from the initial interview, prepare you to probe more deeply in subsequent discussions with the candidates and make the most informed hiring decisions.


How should I approach an applicant about taking the Assessment?

It is important to explain that the Assessment is not a pass/fail test, and is by no means the sole determinant for making a hiring decision. This assessment is just one of the criteria used in evaluating his or her potential for success in a specific job. The results of the assessment will be weighted equally with all information gathered during the hiring process.


How do I start working with Canada Human Resources Centre?

You and your Canada Human Resources Centre specialist will first discuss your challenges, your particular management style, your company’s culture and your goals. We will prepare customized plan of actions in order for you to overcome your challenges and improve your bottom line. From there we can set up your account In order for you to get started using assessments. In most of the cases we help you with setting up your own assessment portal that will enable you to have candidates take the Assessments online through your own Assessment Center.

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What weight should be given to the employee assessments?

Assessment is part of the hiring process and should be treated as such. An applicant’s resume, professional and personal references, experiences and skills will all need to be considered, as will the individual’s performance in the interview. Assessment is meant to take the process a step further and research beneath this “surface information” to get at the individual’s true motivations and behavioral traits. The compilation of all this information can help you with targeted interview questions and will help confirm or put to rest any concerns you might have about the person’s ability to do the job.


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