A Young Gentleman Gets Arrested for Drunk Driving, Discusses Things With His Manager at Work About His Depression, and Gets Motivated to Turn His Life Around and Reclaim His Self Worth

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Derek was recognized at work as really conservative individual who had an outstanding work record. He in no way attended any of the happy hours immediately after work and it was known throughout the department that he was quite a religious person who typically talked about the potential issues of alcohol abuse and alcoholism in our country.

Try to imagine the surprise within the company when one Monday morning Derek did not show up for work and not a soul had heard from him. Actually, it wasn’t until about 8:45 in the morning that the human resources department received a phone call about Derek from the local jail.

Derek Goes Out Partying Together With a Several of His University Pals

Evidently, Derek went out drinking along with a few of his university pals Saturday night and at some point around 5:15 Sunday morning, Derek was arrested for “drunk driving”. Considering that his blood alcohol concentration (BAC) was very high, he was mandated to spend one day inside the downtown jail.

Derek Talks to His Manager and The Human Resources Director

When Derek arrived at work on Tuesday morning, he immediately informed his manager what had occurred and he asked if he could possibly go and talk with the Human Resources director about his DUI arrest.

When he got to the Human Resources department and met with the manager, he discussed that he had not been intoxicated since his college days and that he was really humiliated about his DUI arrest. He also emphasized the point that he wanted some help getting a professional and successful “driving while intoxicated” lawyer who would represent his DUI case. Stated more precisely, Derek really wanted the Human Resources director to agree that he needed to see a DWI attorney.

The Human Resources director told Derek that he needs to make an appointment with somebody inside the company employee’s assistance program to go over any future any probable drinking problem that he may have. The HR director also stated that he needs to talk about his need to employ a “drunk driving” attorney to represent him regarding his “driving while intoxicated” case.

Furthermore, the Human Resources manager told Derek that it was positive that he hoped to hire a “drunk driving” attorney because of the difficulties and problematic consequences that happen to be related to a “driving under the influence” conviction.

The Human Resources manager could tell that Derek was noticeably upset and humiliated by this entire circumstance. As a consequence, he informed Derek that while he doesn’t think that responsible individuals ought to ever get behind the wheel after drinking, regrettably these predicaments at times come to pass to extremely good people.

The Human Resources manager then explained that since such a circumstance cannot be undone, what is critical is what the man or women does from this point in time forward. As reported by the Human Resources manager, “does the particular person learn from her or his errors or does the individual develop a pattern of alcohol abuse signs that cause the man or women long-term pain and suffering”?

Fortunately, Derek Did Not Have a History of Heavy Drinking

Just before finishing their discussion, the Human Resources director explained to Derek that it was very positive that he doesn’t have a track record of abusive and careless drinking drinking. Furthermore, he hasn’t had an alcohol-related predicament since his university days (which was nearly 9 years ago). As a result, Derek ought to be able to confront his “driving under the influence” arrest with sorrow but also with a degree of self-confidence knowing that he will confront and work through this difficulty and become a better individual in the not too distant future.

Derek thanked the Human Resources director for his caring and stimulating thoughts and then walked over towards the company employee’s assistance program go over his DWI arrest, his involvement in hazardous drinking drinking over the weekend, and his desire to employ a DUI lawyer to represent his “drunk driving” case.

After reflecting on Derek’s “story,” the therapist that was part of the company employee’s assistance program articulated Derek’s immediate “plan of action” that he needed to address and follow. First, he would be required to take a DUI class to learn more DuI facts and information. Second, he would also be required to get alcohol abuse treatment to address his possible drinking problem. Third, he would be required to see a therapist, psychiatrist, psychologist, or counselor about his depression. And finally, it would be an especially sensible thing to do if he were to meet with a DWI lawyer about his “driving while intoxicated” arrest.

Derek Feels Encouraged That He Will Learn From His Oversight and Turn Out To Be More Accountable

It was apparent that Derek was particularly upset with the whole “drunk driving” situation, but after talking to the Human Resources manager and to the nurse inside the company employee’s assistance program, he felt a sense of relief knowing that he would in reality learn from his slip-up and turn out to be even more healthy and balanced, much more accountable, and an even more grateful individual.

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