Customer Service Personality Test 


Customer service representatives act as liaison between companies and their customers. They provide information on a wide variety of products and services, answer questions, address concerns and problems, and handle field complaints.

Customer service representatives use a variety of communication platforms including phone, fax, email, and in-person meetings, depending on the type of company. With many companies providing 24 hour service, customer representatives sometimes have little time between clinets, and must be able to offer quality service within set time constraints to reduce waiting time.


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The Customer Service Personality Test will accurately determine whether a job-seeker has the necessary skills and personality traits that are required for customer service career in your organization.


Areas that are being tested and assessed:


Communication skills

Traits and skills necessary to interact with others both as a speaker and listener

Conflict resolution skills

Traits and skills necessary to efficiently deal with conflicts and disagreements

Psychological Strength

Assesses an individual’s ability to cope with the job’s daily challenges

Patience level

Ability to be patient with others


Ability to control negative emotions and behaviors


Ability to create encouragement from within and persevere in order to accomplish goals

Reaction to criticism

Ability to tolerate any type of criticism

Reaction to intimidation

Ability to handle intimidation

Mental strength

Ability to manage difficult people and challenging situations