Ten Tips for Effective Business Planning

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I wrote my first business plan over 20 years ago in college, and I have learned a lot of things along the way helping companies to succeed as a former financier and now a business consultant. In my business plan book, I cover over 100 business plan mistakes and have just as many tips. Here are 10 of those important tips when developing and writing a business plan: Tip 1: Have a business mentor who... [Read more ...]

A Guide To Job Interviews

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Once you have sent your cover letter and application form, the next step in securing your job is the interview. The first step was sending your application and after careful review by the company, you are seen as candidate for the vacant position.The employer got this information through an ad that was placed in the paper, referred by someone in the company or a headhunter, or by a person who simply... [Read more ...]

A Successful Business Plan Template

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I have been writing business plans for over twenty years and have perfected a business planning process that works for most businesses and business plan purposes. The final result of that process is an eight section business plan. Here is the winning template for that business plan. You can adapt it for your business planning purposes and change the order of the sub-sections to meet your particular... [Read more ...]

Beating the competition with business consultants

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Competition will always be a part of business . If you drive down the road you will see a gas station on just about every corner. If you notice, there is a slight difference in the pricing of their gasoline. One major retail chain may offer a 20% discount, while the other offers the same item with a 25% discount. Today, every consumer wants to save as much money as possible. If your company is struggling... [Read more ...]

Handling customers that demand too much

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That type of customer will ask you to do infinite revamps to the layout you put up – be it to move an website element a few pixels over here, or change the type-face and vice versa – well you for sure recognize what I am talking about. This can not only be irritatingannoying, it also costs you costly time as well as money. Even thoug every client is different, here are some useful tips... [Read more ...]

The Moccaccino Challenge

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Hello everyone, I’d like to share episode from my personal experience. Since I am always analyzing everything that is happening around me especially people behavior at their workplace I can fill this blog with numerous entries but I want to share this particular one that happened just few days ago. I took my wife for an evening walk. On the way we dropped in to the local Second Cup and I ordered... [Read more ...]

Match Your Skills To Jobs Vacancies

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In today’s competitive life, employers are more inclined to find people who can contribute to the growth of the company and not just boost its productivity. They design their jobs vacancies adverts to carefully filter out anyone who does not have what they are looking for. For a company to develop and last longer than its competitors, employees must have all of the best job skills. If you... [Read more ...]

A Young Gentleman Gets Arrested for Drunk Driving, Discusses Things With His Manager at Work About His Depression, and Gets Motivated to Turn His Life Around and Reclaim His Self Worth

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Derek was recognized at work as really conservative individual who had an outstanding work record. He in no way attended any of the happy hours immediately after work and it was known throughout the department that he was quite a religious person who typically talked about the potential issues of alcohol abuse and alcoholism in our country. Try to imagine the surprise within the company when one Monday... [Read more ...]

The Top Eight Ways to Fail When Deploying a New Engagement Program

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As I work with companies to engage their employees, I am constantly amazed how much implementation matters when it comes to putting in a new engagement program.   Take a close look at this list to see what you might be doing wrong.  If you see something that describes your process, it’s time to change! 1. Decide not to do an assessment, build a plan, set goals, or establish benchmarks. ... [Read more ...]

Can Mind Map Software DownloadReally Help Me?

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When you are a small stage business owner, you know that you need to be on the outlook for any tool that can give you an advantage. Whether you are trying to sharpen your organizational skills or your creative skills, you will find that finding the right tools to help you is essential. Take some time and make sure that you call up how well free mind map software can help you. Mind map software can... [Read more ...]