Hiring and Trusting the Right Babysitter

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Parents are quite often confronted with difficult challenges in finding and choosing trusted babysitters. This is a serious concern for mothers re-entering the work force. Trusting another person, often a total stranger, with caring for your child can be one of the most stressful parts of parenthood. Some people may need a babysitter only occasionally, while others need to trust in one when they are... [Read more ...]

Fake Resume And Fake References Are Legal and Cheap To Buy

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Hello Everyone, Please just watch this video. If you are a business owner or hiring manager, I hope this is going to be  an eye opener. If hiring honest people is important to you, if you don’t like to feel like a fool while someone is wasting your time,  then you need to take measures to eliminate what you didn’t want to begin with. Ok, just watch the video. Was that mind blowing... [Read more ...]

The ten most frequently mentioned issues that employees say companies do poorly

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The 10 mentioned issues are: 1. Poor management—uncaring and unprofessional managers; overworking staff; no respect, not listening, putting people in wrong jobs; speed over quality; poor manager selection processes. 2. Lack of career growth and advancement opportunities: no perceivable career paths; not posting job openings or filling from within; favoritism or unfair promotions. 3. Poor communication:... [Read more ...]

Professional Athlete vs. Regular Person That Goes to Work Everyday

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Hello everyone, For quite sometime now I wanted to talk about differences and similarities between professional athletes and just everyday people that go to work to earn a living. Since I’ve had a chance to experience both worlds: as an athlete (for some of you that don’t know I’ve spent 10 years training and competing in fencing) and as an employee who “worked his way up”, I can speak from... [Read more ...]