The Text Message Monster – Love it, Hate it, Deal with it!

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This story actually began at the Safeway’s daily counter when I was ordering some cold cuts…so how do we end up with the text messaging? Let me explain. First of all, I am going to be brutally honest and say that I am not a text message fan. I never was and probably never will be. However I do understand that the so called young generation with tattoos, piercings and smart phones have embraced... [Read more ...]

Making a Better World…and How Giving Recognition Contributes to Our Success

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Ralph Waldo Emerson was an American philosopher, lecturer, essayist and poet who lived from 1803-1882.  He is one of the most often quoted speakers and writers of all time and I regularly defer to his wisdom.  The one thing that all of these skills and occupations have in common is great thinking- as they say, you are your thoughts!  So it is well worthwhile to consider that he described success... [Read more ...]

Risk and Research Factor (RnR Factor): When Hiring New Employees, Your Amount of Risk Depends on The Amount of Research

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Hello Colleagues, Since this blog is my way to communicating my thoughts to the audience of business associates, friends, clients and website visitors I always like to start with a greeting knowing that there is a real people reading this. So hello again. Most of you who have met me, spoke with me (or may be heard about me) know that I choose the hard (and may be uncomfortable) truth that generates... [Read more ...]

The Moccaccino Challenge

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Hello everyone, I’d like to share episode from my personal experience. Since I am always analyzing everything that is happening around me especially people behavior at their workplace I can fill this blog with numerous entries but I want to share this particular one that happened just few days ago. I took my wife for an evening walk. On the way we dropped in to the local Second Cup and I ordered... [Read more ...]

Strategic Workforce Development

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In order to be successful in business today, you need to be strategic about your workforce development.  Whether you are running a 50 million dollar company, or a 5 person garage developing a strategy for your success will give you the game plan to achieve your goals.  There is no sports team in the world that comes to the field of play without a plan, and there should be no business who goes to... [Read more ...]