Finding Top Talent Among Majority Of Average Performers

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Research shows that a population of job seekers is divided into three distinct categories – high (or top) performers, low (or bottom) performers and average performers. This is probably no surprise to many employers. We have all seen some top achievers, a few people that were not capable at all and many people who were just OK. The thing is that those “OK” people represent 68% of the population. To... [Read more ...]

Hiring and Trusting the Right Babysitter

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Parents are quite often confronted with difficult challenges in finding and choosing trusted babysitters. This is a serious concern for mothers re-entering the work force. Trusting another person, often a total stranger, with caring for your child can be one of the most stressful parts of parenthood. Some people may need a babysitter only occasionally, while others need to trust in one when they are... [Read more ...]

Five Effective Hiring Strategies

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Hiring the right new employees is essential. A decision to hire should not be taken lightly, as the outcome can have a huge impact on the organization in either direction. The bad news is that the risk of a bad hire is always there, just like the risk of a bad investment. But the good news is that there is a way to minimize the risk. Wouldn’t you do your due diligence before investing $20-100,000?... [Read more ...]

Don’t Lie To Me

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Lie to Me is one of my favorite TV shows and among the few that I watch. Perhaps the similarity between some of my work – administering behavioral employment assessments and the science behind reading facial expressions in order to find the truth made me feel like I am more of a participant of the show than just an observer. In case you’ve never seen the show: Dr. Cal Lightman (Tim Roth) and... [Read more ...]

Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover

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Dear Colleagues, We’ve all heard the very common expression: “don’t judge a book by its cover”, it’s an allegorical phrase which means “don’t decide the value of something based on its appearance”. Let’s face it, we will never stop making those judgments simply because “the look” is the very first impression that we have of ether a person or an object. Perhaps... [Read more ...]

Executive Coaching Tip #3 Lesson for Leaders

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New leaders often make the mistake of spending all of their time learning the processes of their new company, and get buried in the details of the nuts and bolts, processes and systems.  If you want to really succeed and make an impact in a new leadership role, seek to understand the people and learn how to communicate with them and help them succeed. New leaders at Southwest Airlines are told, “Don’t... [Read more ...]

Fake Resume And Fake References Are Legal and Cheap To Buy

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Hello Everyone, Please just watch this video. If you are a business owner or hiring manager, I hope this is going to be  an eye opener. If hiring honest people is important to you, if you don’t like to feel like a fool while someone is wasting your time,  then you need to take measures to eliminate what you didn’t want to begin with. Ok, just watch the video. Was that mind blowing... [Read more ...]

The ten most frequently mentioned issues that employees say companies do poorly

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The 10 mentioned issues are: 1. Poor management—uncaring and unprofessional managers; overworking staff; no respect, not listening, putting people in wrong jobs; speed over quality; poor manager selection processes. 2. Lack of career growth and advancement opportunities: no perceivable career paths; not posting job openings or filling from within; favoritism or unfair promotions. 3. Poor communication:... [Read more ...]

Interview Questions: Legal vs. Illegal

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Hello everyone, We have been receiving many inquiries in regards to legality of some questions that are being asked during job interviews. In this post we will answer some of them. Inquiry Area Illegal Questions Legal Questions Nationality Origin/ Citizenship – Are you a Canadian citizen?-Where were you/your parents born? – What is your “native tongue”? – Are... [Read more ...]

Titanic vs. Icebreaker or Where Would You Rather Be When Hitting the Iceberg.

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“The iceberg concept” has been quite common probably due to it’s visual simplicity:  something harmless that is visible on the surface vs. something hidden under the water that can cause serious damage and lead to a disaster. Iceberg is a deception, false belief and/or a well hidden unwanted surprise. I often use “the iceberg concept” in conversation with business owners when we discussing... [Read more ...]