Care Provider Job Fit Personality Test


This test is available in 2 versions – short version and long version.

A career as a caregiver/ babysitter is not for everyone. It requires excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to work well in sometimes stressful and physically demanding environment. This job can also be very challenging. This test will determine whether a person has the necessary skills and personality traits to succeed in this occupation.

A person who scores well on this test would likely do well in this line of work.


 – Long Version –

Areas that are being tested and assessed:


Interpersonal Skills

It is essential for caregivers to have excellent interpersonal skills since they work in such

close contact with others, and have a great deal of influence over the patients in their care.



To be helpful requires you to be available to others. This means giving support and encouragement when someone needs you, and being patient and your cooperative when necessary.



Empathy is defined as the ability to identify with and understand the feelings, circumstances, and motives of others. Being sensitive to the feelings of their patients, who are facing physical and emotional hardships.


Emotional Strength

Emotional strength refers to overall calmness and emotional security.


Reaction to Stress

Since stress can’t be eliminated entirely, it is crucial to learn how to deal with it. Being able to cope with stress appropriately will make job candidate more productive.



Indicates if candidate will show good judgment and be able to keep confidential information private.


Social Insight

Social Insight refers to being able to sense how others are feeling without having them outright tell you. This is an especially important skill for caregivers because their patients may not be able to verbally express their discomfort.


Communication Skills

Communication is not as simple as choosing the right words; many factors come into play, and we often find ourselves able to communicate smoothly in one situation while we bumble our way through another.



Diligent people work steadily and industriously. Candidates that are hired for this position are expected to be very hardworking individuals for the sake of people they are working with.



Good candidates must be highly dependable since many people will rely on them a great deal.


Attention to Detail

Meticulousness refers to one’s attention to detail. It is important to point out that even the smallest of details can be very significant, especially when caring for another individual.


Comfort with decision-making

Decisions sometimes can be a matter of life and death. Good candidates need to be able to make important decisions without hesitation. Often this involves relying on a gut instinct or taking a chance when the information provided in a situation is incomplete.


Patience – Patience is defined as calmness, self-control, and willingness or ability to tolerate delay. Impatience impairs ability to perform well.


Attitude Towards Dishonesty

How a candidate feels about dishonest behaviors in others can be an indicator of their own behaviors. It is likely that caregivers will have access to sensitive information as well as to medication and expensive equipment.



A positive attitude affects not just one person, but also the lives of those around that person. Having an optimistic and upbeat attitude will allow good candidate to provide high quality service. Also, optimistic people are likely to be happier with their jobs in general.


Social Values at Work

People who score high on this scale really enjoy human contact in the workplace.



 – Short Version – 

Areas that are being tested and assessed:

sample assessment, click here >>



Assesses how organized, reliable, and detail oriented a person is.


Disregard for others

Assesses the tendency to conduct one self in a manner that shows disrespect for others or lack of self-monitoring.



Assesses the willingness to help and cooperate with others.


Emotional Strength

Assesses the ability to be self-reliant, emotionally tough, and to work well under pressure.



Ability to withstand difficult or distasteful tasks.



Assesses tendency to show good judgment, to take responsibility for one’s actions, and to conduct oneself in an honest manner


Impression Management

Assesses the degree to which the results on this test are distorted or manipulated in a socially- desirable manner.